Hi everyone

Sorry for the long wait, but is was a tough decision to make, especially in these uncertain times.We, as the Book fair-team have decided that the Alternative Bookfair 2020 will not take place on the 25th of April 2020. This is not the time to organise things where we try to get as much people as possible together.Apart from this we are convinced that, (maybe even more in these times) it is important for people to keep communicating, in the most direct ways possible, but always responsable. Communication, the spreading of information and solidarity are more important now, then they’ve ever been.This is a time when our physical and mental health are put to the test. Not only that, but also the systems in which we live are put on trial. A lot of people are losing (part of) their income, consumption is focussed on ‘necessities’ and online shopping, a huge worldwide economical crisis is coming.Governments around the world are using more and more repression, at the same time they are also calling for unity and even solidarity. This solidarity obviously limits itself to those who are ‘good citizens’.Social control is encouraged, even more cops are in the streets, there are places where they use drones to keep people locked in their homes, … the list goes on. And again the biggest victims of this crisis, are those who’ve always been the biggest victims of this system.Not everything governments are saying about covid-19 is nonsense. Not at all. This new virus is dangerous, also and certainly for people in vulnerable positions.But we believe that every law and all government measures are repressive by definition.We don’t mean that if the government says “A”, we have to do “B”. But we want to question the intensity of the repression they use to force their measures on all of us. Here, and elsewhere.It wouldn’t be the first time that laws and decrees that are implemented in times of crisis keep existing, even when the crisis is over.Therefore we are asking everyone to always think for theirselves and to show solidarity in a responsable way.We want to thank everybody who made an effort for the bookfair, everyone who engaged to make an effort in the future, or has done so in the past.We hope to see you next year!Greetings in solidarity!

The Alternative Bookfair, Ghent.